Anti-Cavity strategies

Pediatric dentists have special training and will utilize that training to alleviate their patient’s anxiety about coming to the dentist, even if they need to have a cavity filled.  While we do our best to care for our patients, many parents ask if there’s anything they can do to reduce the likelihood of cavities.

Cavities do not occur by accident.  They can be caused by frequent snacking and consuming juices and flavored drinks.  The type of foods your child eats can also contribute to cavities, especially sticky foods that get stuck between the teeth.

Such foods include:

  • Chicken nuggets
  • French fries
  • Rice and beans
  • Cookies
  • Crackers, such as Saltines
  • Cheetos, Doritos, and other chips
  • Juice
  • Even Milk when given in between meals or at bedtime

We recommend that you learn about anti-cavity products and stick to a healthy snack list.

Additionally, make sure your child develops healthy brushing and flossing habits and goes to the dentist twice a year.  This will help your child to have healthy teeth as a child and as an adult.  Lastly, no food or drinking anything besides water after your child’s teeth are brushed before bedtime.