Preparing for your child’s first filling/treatment visit

Your child's first dental treatment doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience.  With the right preparation it can go quickly and smoothly.

Talking About the Visit

First, do not go into detail about the visit.  It is our experience and training that we feel that your child does not need to hear about drills and other types of equipment that will be used.  Instead, tell your child that sugar bugs have made holes in their teeth and the dentist is going to use a toothbrush to fix them.  This is nonthreatening, so your child will not worry about the appointment.

The Shot

Shots typically scare kids (and some adults) so it is in your child's best interest to avoid mentioning the shot.  If your children ask us, we will not lie to them.  However, we do have techniques that help alleviate the pain that comes with getting a shot.  Additionally, we are skilled at giving shots without most children even realizing it so they can get their treatment without knowing they received a shot.  That will take a lot of the stress away.

How We Interact with Children

Rest assured that we have experience in dealing with children.  From choosing our words carefully (e.g: “red” for blood, “disappear” for pull) to using positive reinforcement, we use techniques that have been proven to help children feel more comfortable.

We also demonstrate each procedure before we do it.  This demonstration is fun and it helps put children at ease.

Your Role

Parents are often unsure of the role they should play during the visit.  While you can come back in the room with your child, children often do better when their parents go into the waiting room after the injection.  Studies have shown that children are very sensitive to the way their parents are feeling, so if you’re nervous, your child will know and will also feel nervous.  But remember, due to our open floor plan, you will still be nearby.  If you do stay, we ask that you be a silent observer so your child is not confused by multiple instructions.

If you have questions, please contact the doctor the day before the appointment so that the time can be spent on your child’s treatment.

We look forward to seeing you and your child.  Most parents are pleasantly surprised at how well their children handle their first treatment.  We’ll do everything we can to ensure that your child is comfortable.