What we do

Parkland Pediatric Dentistry introduces dentistry to children in a non-threatening way.  We use special techniques to ensure that you and your child will feel comfortable for the duration of the visit.  We also offer nitrous oxide analgesia, as well as IV sedation with a board certified pediatric anesthesiologist.

Additionally, our office is designed to ensure that children and parents are relaxed when they are at Parkland Pediatric Dentistry.  Our open floor plan means that mom and dad are never more than a few steps away, and the treatment rooms have TVs so the kids can relax and have fun while they are in the dental chair.

State of the Art technology

We combine our skills with the latest technology to ensure that everything goes smoothly.  Everything from digital X-rays to paperless charting ensures that you and your child will have a quality visit.

Keep your child's smile healthy and keep them comfortable and happy with Parkland Pediatric Dentistry. We are the first step in providing your child with a healthy smile now and into the future.